How Will Herbal Medicine Benefit Me

Chinese Herbal Medicine for many disorders is the heart of Chinese Medicine. Unlike Western Medicine which tends to isolate and separate a disease from a person, Chinese Medicine emphasizes a holistic approach that treats the whole person. A patient's body and mind are unified by this form of energetic medicine, therefore recognizing that they influence and balance each other.

The beauty of Chinese herbal formulas, is that all ingredients are known down to the nature and properties of each individual herb comprising that formula. For example, a formula for the common cold, will contain herbs that are warm and uplifting and encourage the body to gently sweat out the "bug" . The herbs have an additional direction and in this case will act on the upper body which gets achy and sore when we get sick. So not only will our immune system get stronger, but we will bounce back quicker, eliminate the pathogen, soothe our muscles and headache, all while stopping cough, phlegm, and sneezing! How amazing is that? We've studied and have become experts on at least 140 herbal formulas and 365 individual herbs. 

Herbal formulas are so important for difficult cases and internal conditions. They truly get to the "root" of the issue and bring harmony to the body from the inside-out. Depending on lifestyle habits, a patient may take formulas semi-regularly, whereas another patient may need a formula for only an acute condition.

At each acupuncture visit, an herbal need is considered. If a condition can be more quickly improved between visits with a formula, then it is highly recommended. Your body will notice and thank you :)

At Helena Health, only the highest quality formulas are used. They are processed in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified manufacturing facility. They are safe, effective, and don't cause side effects like other pharmaceuticals.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Balance the body from the inside out.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Balance the body from the inside out.