New Patients Welcome!

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How many appointments can I expect to have?

For most conditions, a series of several appointments is required for you to achieve maximum benefit. A normal series is 6-12 treatments, followed by routine wellness visits as needed.

What can I expect at an acupuncture appointment?

A thorough health history and examination, treatment plan, diet therapy, herbal consult, Traditional Chinese Medicine tongue examination, pulse palpation, acupuncture, cupping, as well as other TCM treatment modalities based on your needs.

Do you collaborate with my other doctors?

Absolutely. A team approach is important to achieve optimal health, and we will make the necessary referrals and correspondence as needed.

How long is an appointment?

Expect 60-90 minutes for initial appointments. Follow-up appointments generally last 45 min- 1 hour. Times may vary. A link to complete paperwork will be emailed to you upon booking which will save you time, otherwise please arrive 15-20 min early to do so.

What should I wear? Instructions after the treatment?

Many patients have treatments after work or before going to work. Gowns are provided if necessary. However, loose comfortable clothing is best. 

30-60 minutes prior to your appointment, it is important to eat something light.

For 2 hours following your treatment, it is recommended not to overly exert yourself in heavy workouts, use of a sauna/heavy sweating, or shower. Keeping temperature extremes to a minimum. This is to ensure maximum benefits from your treatment. Therapeutic forms of exercise such as yin yoga, meditation, walking, and sitting at the beach are encouraged. Drinking plenty of water is always a good thing!

Do you accept insurance?

Currently we do not accept insurance. However, if you know you have covered benefits and wish to submit on your own, a superbill can be easily generated for you. Please note, we are unable to write letters on your behalf or contact and speak with your insurance provider directly in any way. Thank you.


We need more health care providers like Dr. Kari with a knowledgeable and passionate focus on holistic health care. Her devotion to the study and care of patients through acupuncture and herbal medicine is evident in the first few moments of meeting her.
Thanks, Dr. Kari, not only for providing excellent hands-on care but also for taking the time to educate about healthy lifestyle choices.

Nancy T.

Dr. Kari is the most compassionate doctor I have ever been to. She is patient and truly listens to what i have to say. She always welcomes me with a smile and makes a doctor visit enjoyable. After just a few visits I was beginning to feel better already. Thanks so much Dr Kari!

Kim W.

Can’t say enough about my experience with Dr. Kari...I was suffering from chronic pain throughout my right arm caused from having herniated discs. After a few weeks of physical therapy without much success, I decided to see Dr. Kari and explore acupuncture. Treatments are amazing...Dr. Kari’s skills have played a great part in reducing pain and helping me return to my normal work as a landscaper and  enjoying recreational activities like sailing and running again.

Ron R.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Koslosky since January 2018. Initially I saw her for shoulder pain. She was able to completely take my pain away in about 8 visits! I have her give me a “touch up” every few months if I feel any slight pain coming back and in one visit it’s somehow relieved again! In the meantime, I see her for pretty much anything that ails me, lol. I have Endometriosis and she helps with my symptoms for that! She’s treated me for anxiety, sleep, irritability, PMS, headaches, plantar issues, and I’m sure there are probably more! It’s not that she makes me feel like I need to come in! In fact, she’s told me I DON’T need to come in as often lol. But it just makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER!!! Go see Dr. Koslosky! She’s very thorough and truly wants to help you get better! You won’t be disappointed! I highly recommend her for acupuncture, and just go for it and get the cupping feels amazing 🙂

Lisa R.

Dr. Kari has done a great job at getting rid of the pain that I had from tennis elbow. She was also able to give me great help with an anxiety problem I was having. The decor is fresh and pleasant and I feel very welcome every time I am there! I recommend her highly! I so appreciate her ability to fix my problems without having to resort to pain medicine or pills of any sort for that matter.

Peter O.

Great experience! It's obvious Kari truly cares about helping others.

Cory H.

Wonderful experience in a peaceful setting. Very professional.

Anne T.

Pleasant experience! Great Acupuncturist!

Cara M.